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Cast iron Grate for Large model Diameter 44,5cm


Cast iron grate. Thanks to the thick metal, the surface of the grill stays hot when you place a steak or vegetables on it. This way the dishes bake faster. The diameter of the grille is 44,5 cm. Suitable for Picnic models



Material: Cast Iron

TQZW25 (Fits 25″ kamado grill)

Dia :21.5X0.4 inches(54.5*1CM)
N.W.: 7.35 KGS
Thickness : 1 CM

TQZW23 (Fits 23″ kamado grill)

Dia : 18.3X0.4 inches(46.5*1CM)
N.W.:5.7 KGS
Thickness : 1 CM

TQZW2120 (Fits 21″ and 20″ kamado grill)

Dia :17.5X0.4 inches(44.5*1CM)
N.W.:  4.97 KGS
Thickness : 1 CM

TQZW15 (Fits 15″ kamado grill)

Dia :13.6X0.4 inches(34.5*1CM)
N.W.: 3 KGS
Thickness : 1 CM

TQZW14 (Fits 14″ kamado grill)

Dia :11.8X0.4 inches(30*1CM)
N.W.: 1.78KGS
Thickness : 1 CM

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