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XXLARGE – ⌀64CM – Green


A Larger model, recommended for larger groups of people (up to 10). Perfect for picnics or use in small terraces.

Comfortable cook your everyday meal with space to space. Kamado Ceramic BBQ Grill is made from the finest quality ceramic material and heavy duty components, he will never let you down. The easy grip bamboo handles also allows for moving the unit with ease!

Package Includes:
  • 2 Zone Grilling System with Ceramic Deflectors & Pot Holder
  • Food Gripper
  • Protective Grill Cover
  • Rail with 5 Hooks
  • Protective Gloves
  • Ash Tool
  • Grill Gripper
  • Ceramic Chicken Rack
  • Steel Grid Cleaning Brush



It has an adjustable air intake and hood vents to control the temperature. It starts up quickly, ready to grill in just 15 minutes of lighting the charcoal without the use of a charcoal starter. Its thermometer provides controlled cooking, giving an indication of whether it is ready for smoking, grilling or searing.Being a sealed unit, the charcoal can be easily extinguished after use by fully closing both vents. Along with its heat retention, this greatly reduces the amount of charcoal use between cooking sessions, making it a very efficient barbecue with a low running cost.It starts up quickly, ready to start grilling in just 15 minutes from lighting the charcoal without the use of a charcoal starter unit After use, its air vents can be fully shut to extinguish the charcoal for further reuse.With its heat retention capability, it is capable of providing extended cooking times such as roasting a whole chicken without having to regularly top up its charcoal. Between this and being able to put out the charcoal after use, this makes it a very efficient barbecue with a low running cost. Despite its compact size, its net weight is 115kg, as heavy as some full size barbecues. It has wheels to carry around.

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115 kg



Cooking grate diameter

64 cm

Grill colour


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