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Pizza Stone 38 cm Diameter Thickness 1,5 cm


Ceramic pizza baking  has a porosity and heat retention that is perfect for a good crust. The stone heats evenly and retains heat well so pizzas stay warm from a while after they come out of the oven.
Our ceramic pizza baking stone are easy to clean with glaze finish. Durable ceramic fabrication for ease of baking.If you roast pizza by this plate, it is yummier than steel oven.

The clay pizza pan can also be used to bake bread, rolls and biscuits giving them a very special texture and quality or as a warming tray to keep waffles, pancakes, fried chicken and more, warm until ready to serve.The work temperature for round pizza plate is over 750 F and do not break when the stone meet water.

Material: Clay



Pizza stone TQAPP42

Dia.16 inches(42CM) 1.5CM thickness

N.W.: 3.69 KG

Fits  23″, 25 ”

Pizza stone TQAPP38

Dia.15 inches(38CM)

Thickness 1.5CM


Fits 20″, 21″,23″,

Pizza stone TQAPP36T

Dia: 14.2 inches ( 36CM)

Thickness 1.5CM


Fits 20″, 21″

Pizza stone TQAPP14

Dia.: 9 inches ( 23CM )

Thickness 1.5CM


Fits 14″kamado

Pizza stone TQAPP206

Dia.:8″(thickness1 CM)


Used with small elevator ,fits to 14″kamado



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